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Originally designed as a typographic poster for an exhibition titled 'Age of New Generation', this typeface was further developed into a complete typography set titled HYPED font.

Download the font HERE.

Poster Collective Update!

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Even Santa needs a break!

Linguina font is designed to give your work a modishly modern look. 

Available in 4 different weights - light (1010), Regular (2020), Bold (3030) & Shadow (4040).

Download HERE.

Movember Moustache Characters


Stop War Make Peace

Poster Submission

The Coffee Facts - Infographics

View Here

Nomed Font

Nomed Font is a free font that is designed based on the triangular geometric shape to help you achieve a modern and sophisticated look in your designs.

Download Here

Rocking Toons

View the rest of the band illustrations HERE

"A place for everything, everything in its place."

This illustration has drawn inspiration from the complex yet efficient city planning of Singapore. The need to get from one point to another has led to the landscape of cities transforming into a complex and unique grid system.

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