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Pastafacts Infographics

This poster is a combination of our loves – Pasta, Infographics and Colorful Illustrations! We love our pasta in all forms, how about you? There’s just something so appealing and comforting about the dish.. Did you know that it as originally eaten by hand, as it was considered blue-collar workers’ food?

Check out the full poster over HERE!

Share this poster with your friends and spread the love for pasta! 

Understanding Artisan Gelato - Infographics

View Here

The Coffee Facts - Infographics

View Here

Skateboarding Saves Lives Infographics

Contrary to popular belief, skateboarding is not all about anti-establishment and rebellion practised by misled youths. It is a lifestyle endeavoured by professionals from different cultures that gets together to have a good time in a community where they have a sense of belonging.

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